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Gallery of author's works of winners, laureates and diploma holders of the international art competition ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS. The gallery presents authors from 40 countries who have won high competitive awards in all seasons of the competition in the categories: Literature. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture. Architecture. Photo. Design. Fashion. Scenography. Jewelry art. Dolls. Confessional art. To negotiate the purchase of copyrighted works, please contact the contest administration.
By the decision of the Presidium of the International Academy of contemporary arts (IACA), all winners, laureates and diploma holders of the competition, in accordance with The Academy's Charter, acquire the status of a member of the Academy. Information about all participants of the competition is published on the website of the International Academy of modern arts. All the works of the winners, laureates and winners of the competition are published in the official gallery of the Academy “Artex Awards Gallery“.

Художественная линия

Literature. Music. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture. Architecture. Photography. Design. Fashion. Scenography. Jewelry art. Dolls. Confessional art. Decorative and applied arts. Multimedia Art.

Время работы

The gallery is open around the clock, and our experts will always answer questions from artists and art collectors from different countries. We are ready to consider proposals for a long-term partnership with international auctions.

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Participation in an international art competition, in any of the categories presented at the competition ART EXCELLENCE AWARDS, is a prerequisite for placing author's works in the gallery.

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