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Презентация & Биография

The member of the National Artist’s Council of Ukraine.

Born in 1952 year in Primorsky Area.

In 1982 year he was graduated from the designers faculty of the Latvian State Artist’s Academy of Riga.

Much times had taken part in republic, regional and area exhibitions. He had also some personal exhibitions.

The painting technology of Mister Aleksandr is the synthesis of relief’s, collages and colors, received as a result of experiments, creating inspired and attracting images and fabulaes, gone us to the past, and colliding with the present time, penetrating into the future…

Paintings of Aleksandr Gumenchuk had been bought by the Ministry of Culture in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, USA and other countries.

Solo exhibitions
1996 – Gallery “Pol-Art, Poznan, Poland

1998 – Gallery “Watercolor”, Kyiv.

– Gallery-Studio of N. With.Kosareva, B. Khmelnitsky

– Exhibition hall regional power, M. Khmelnitsky

1999 Gallery on Proskurivka, B. Khmelnitsky

2000 – Gallery-Studio of N. With.Kosareva, B. Khmelnitsky

– Gallery Studio “Aeneid”, Odessa

2001 – Exhibition hall of Kommunteploenergo, M. Khmelnitsky

2002 – Exhibition hall of the Khmelnytsky regional organization nuau

– Exhibition hall of the sports complex “meteor”,, Dnepropetrovsk

2003 – Exhibition hall of the Ternopil regional organization of nuau

2004 – Exhibition hall of the regional power, M. Khmelnitsky

2005 – Gallery-Studio of N.Kosareva, Khmelnitsky

– Philharmonic organ hall, Khmelnitsky, in the Fourth Podolsk festival of organ and chamber music.

2008 – Gallery-Studio N. With.Kosareva, A. Khmelnitsky

2012 – Museum of Art Khmelnitsky

2013 – Exhibition hall of the regional power,

Юрий Тюх

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2020 (ТРЕТЬЕ ИЗМЕРЕНИЕ) г Хмельницкий, Украина