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Born 1980

My name is Roman Goss. I was born in 1980.
In the 90s I took private lessons in painting, mainly with watercolours, then oil paints, mainly still-lifes and landscapes.
From 1997 to 2001 I studied at the High School of Culture and the Arts, and in parallel I studied painting both independently and with teachers. I lived a busy cultural life, playing musical instruments, academic vocals, attending theatres and art exhibitions.
In 2017 I started painting seriously, I realized that I could not live without art, I read a lot of literature on oil painting techniques, including old masters. I visited all the possible art exhibitions and museums, practically all my time I painted, sold a lot, in the beginning it was mostly landscapes, but then my view on art changed dramatically, I was carried away by abstract painting, in which I felt the inner freedom and way of self-expression.
I can also say that the basics of the classical realist school of painting have not been wasted; on the contrary, they have helped me a lot and instilled in me a noble taste, a vision of complex colour solutions, variety of textures, multi-layers.
At the moment I’m fully dedicated to abstract art, searching for unique and expressive abstract shapes, colours, textures, etc. In each of my next paintings I try to find and show something special and new, to open for myself and the viewer some new horizons, to make it interesting and exciting for me and for every fan of my work. Honestly speaking it is very difficult, it is a constant struggle with materials, colours and in the end with myself, and only in such struggle and constant search the real and true art can be born!

My artworks are represented by Galleries: "Inspire Art Gallery" (Dresden), "Station Of Art Gallery" (Warsaw)

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