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Ali El Hadj Tahar

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Painter, poet, art critic
Born in March 18th, 1954 in Merad, in the area of Tipasa, Algeria. He draws since the age of 8 years and has started to write poetry at the 14 years age. Diploma: Degree of English Literature, university of Algiers, 1978.
As a journalist, he started writing articles in 1974: Alger Réalités, Algérie Actualités, El Moudjahid, Révolution Africaine, El Watan, Tassili…As a painter, he started showing his works in 1982 with Issiakhem, Khadda, Larbi, Ziani, Bourdine… His la...

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EL HADJ TAHAR Ali, peintre et poète

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