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Rafał Labijak

Artist (Painting, Printmaking)
Born 1968
Painting has always been the first mean of communication with the outside world. It allows him to open himself to the world and, at the same time, avoid unequivocal and simple interpretations.

Rafał Labijak (born 1968) is Poznań based painter who works also abroad (Berlin, Czech Republic); in 2015-2016 he was working in a studio located in a revitalized former steel works and coal mining complex in the Dolni Vitkovice district in Ostrava.

He graduated in painting from The Magdalena Abakanowicz University of he Arts Poznan. In 1992 he graduated from the Poznań University of Technology. In 2004-2005 he audited the classes at VIII Painting Studio led by professor Józef Walczak at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. In 2014 he took part in Workshops and the Encounters of Arts and Social Activities organized by professor Janusz Marciniak (the University of Arts in Poznań) and Signum Foundation.

In his paintings, Labijak investigates the questions related to social relationships in the smartphone revolution era, mediatisation of virtual reality, communication in postmodern world, post-industrial landscapes, attention and its deficiency. He uses traditional painting techniques, such as oil and acrylic on canvas, and experiments with his own technique as well.

Solo exhibitions:

2013 Ignacy Kraszewski Museum and Studio in Poznań. Curator: Janusz Marciniak

2016 Rafał Labijak`s painting. Curator: Wojciech Gorączniak. Ostrava,  Dolni Oblast Vitkovice. Catalogue: Rafał Labijak: painting, ed. W. Gorączniak, R. Labijak, J. Marciniak, trans. M. Turski, Poznań-Ostrava 2016.

2020 Smart Canvas:  Rafał Labijak’s paintings. Curator: Ewelina Jarosz. State Gallery of Art in Sopot. Cataloque: Rafał Labijak Smart Canvas, Sopot 2020.

2021 Laundry, Rafał Labijak. Curator: Tomasz Desko, Mo Gallery, Poznań 2021.

2021 Registrations, Rafał Labijak. Curator: Dariusz Subocz, Museum of Printing and Literature, Grębocin 2021.

Group exhibitions:

2016 Collegium Physicum UAM; Exhibition in One Image Gallery

2018 Refektarz Gallery, Krotoszyn, Empathy: Art and Life. Curator: Janusz Marciniak. The exhibition was accompanied by catalogue.

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