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Nela Radomirovic

Belgrade, Serbia
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

I was born 1980.Graduated economist by profession.

I'm naturally talented and self-taught painter.

I am interested painting since early childhood.Yet during my schooling I attended art section at the distinguished professor Alje Baskurove where I acquired basic art education.

I wanted to educate as many later I attended art school and Šumatovačka.

Identified himself to realism as a direction that suits me best but still coping with new styles.
My paintings are thematically different.I like to paint nudes, still lifes, landscapes, animals, architecture ..

Every day I paint like every day I eat, sleep, ..

I had a lot of group and solo exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.

I continue with the support and valuable work which will, I hope, provide a high place in the world of painting.

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