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Rosina Gaudio

Escultura, Instalação, Fotografia ... 207 Assinantes Usuário desde 2016

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Usuário desde 8 de nov de 2016
Última atualização: 14 de mai de 2019


Rosina Gaudio lives with her family in beautiful Sever do Vouga (Portugal), immersed in the wild and gentle inspiration of nature.

Rosina's work focuses primarily on fantasy figures and shows different facets in a typically enigmatic, dreamy way.

The viewer is made to imagine a story for each character and dives into the world of fantasies.

When Rosina works with wood, she sees every piece of wood as a work of art created by the hands of Mother Nature.
The earth, the mood even world events and their effects play a role in the unique design of wood and roots.

Rosina's characters are full of love, innocent, sometimes provocative, frail and lovely.

"The created visual image, the visible form that i create together with my hands and eyes,
connect the outer vision with the inner vision which mades my filming experiens into symbols"