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My aim is to show trough my work, the idyllic expression of positive energy that surrounds me and express it on my canvas . Thank you !

Apresentação & Biografia

Mimi Bastos Art

(painter, plastic artist | contemporary, abstract, mixedmedia)

I was born in Portugal and thanks to my experience of life and numerous travels around the world, I have been inspired by the colors, atmospheres, light,  images and smells of the countries I crossed. 

My aim is to show trough my work, the idyllic expression of positive energy that surrounds me and express it on canvas . 

Contemporary, oriented and influenced by masters of art, I achieved my own abstract expression preferentially adopting a mixed technique, where I use mostly eco-friendly inks, acrylics, resins, natural crystals, stones, as well as gold, bronze, silver leafs and pastes, on canvas.

I am an art's lover in all its expressions ! 

My life and thoughts are positive, plently of colors, glitter and  fantasy ... I try to reflect through my art an artistic expression, allowing my followers to dream and travel in an universe of light, mystery and hope.

I am firm in the struggle for the conservation of the planet and species and deep respect for human life.

I love to focus my thoughts in the beauty of cosmos, infinite universe, mother earth and the wonderful oceans ...

My work has been shown and much appreciated in several national and international art exhibitions ...

Most of my canvas are sold to private art collectors.

My works are much appreciated by interior architects, interior designers, and decor experts, who use my art to illuminate and decor homes, hotels and work spaces. 

My paintings  are positive, natural, spontaneous and expressionist, transporting what I feel and visualize to an abstract and almost mystical sphere.

Are you curious? If so, I invite you to follow my work, available for sale . 

(Have a look at my Instagram mimi_bastos_art , LinkedIn and Facebook profiles )

Thank you so much 

Mimi Bastos 

Emília Maria Pinto Canto Pereira Bastos 

 - Mimi Bastos Art® - Lisbon, Portugal

Mimi Bastos Art Mbart®

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