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Danka Markiewicz

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Technika mieszana, Grafika cyfrowa / sztuka generowana cyfrowo 109 Obserwujący Członek od 2016
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So many people 7 Obrazy

Diversity in body shapes! Drawing inspiration from daily life experiences.

Digital 6 Obrazy

Improving digital painting skills!

La donna cannone 74 Obrazy

Making (digital) artwork: drawing inspiration from every day life!

Good spirit 16 Obrazy

The art of digital color in a pen and ink story.

In the city 7 Obrazy

Inspired by Quentin Blake's drawings. Aquarel, ink and Adobe Photoshop brushes!

Perfect parents 18 Obrazy

Converting pen, ink and aquarel sketches into digital illustration! The big mermaid story.

Color and pen 9 Obrazy

Inspired by Maja Berezowska's drawings. Turning pen sketches into a digital graphic (and adding colour).

Orange 25 Obrazy

creating "orange things". Pencil/Paper vs Photoshop.

Cool dad 17 Obrazy

Turning ink drawing into a digital graphic. Illustrated story about very cool dad!

The lesson 8 Obrazy

An illustrated story about saying “no” to the men.

Ink 6 Obrazy

Mixing up illustration: ink drawing and Adobe Photoshop

What they say 9 Obrazy

Creating "What people say" illustration for my sketch daily project.

The farting princess 9 Obrazy

Turning a tale narrated by old Giuseppe into a children's illustration!

Golden Daughter 11 Obrazy

Turning a pencil sketch into a children's illustration: princess Angela gets sad.

Pio 9 Obrazy

Turning pencil sketches into digital paintings: a story told by a child.

Pushkin 25 Obrazy

Turning a pencil sketch into a children's illustration: a short story I drew in my free time.

Belle arti 42 Obrazy

Sketch daily project. Using everyday objects to create drawings and making (digital) artwork!

You become a writer 41 Obrazy

Being a writer is not the easiest career path! An illustrated story of becoming an author.

Daily sketch 9 Obrazy

Turning daily sketches into digital pictures and Illustrating the reality of every day life.

Facebook my love 29 Obrazy

Inspired by Laura Musikanski's photo illustration serie. People's on Facebook pictures made with Bezier's curve.

Turn a Sketch into Digital Art 9 Obrazy

Turning Scanned Pencil Sketches into Digital Paintings.

Les plus belles chansons françaises 34 Obrazy

A serie of illustrations inspired by famous French songs. Author's technique combining traditional art with digital media.