Marcin Mikołajczak

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Bojanowo, Polska

Członek od 10 wrz 2015
Data ostatniej aktualizacji: 28 wrz 2021

Prezentacja & Biografia

Marcin Mikołajczak (born in 1975), avid traveler, photographer and talented artist. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. His adventure with painting began with creation of realistic graphics of London. Living in England and observing the life of a big city „from the inside“, he ingeniously showed the image of centuries-old historic buildings and monuments that were woven into the pace of everyday life. A very important stage in the professional life of Marcin Mikołajczak is the development of original, self-designed painting frames that were commissioned by galleries, museums and met the needs of individual collectors. Design and production of a series of unique pieces of furniture for the Stary Browar (Old Brewery) Trade and Arts Center in Poznań as well as the interior design of the Blow Up Boutique Hotel are also individual projects of the artist. The unique display of figures, freezing their motion and the expressive colors of his works encouraged the owners of the Wittchen company to charge Marcin Mikołajczak with creation of a series of paintings depicting the female models presenting products of that company. 

Experience in conservatory works and numerous artistic experiments led to the development of his own unique painting technique that is used by the artist in the current phase of his creative activity. A clear surface structure of his paintings, the specific way in which the individual layers of paint are applied and the untypical application of color and light as well as the enthusiasm for the human being, for his emotions, are the trademark of Marcin Mikołajczak‘s paintings that can’t be confused with works of any other artist. In the search for colors and impressions, he enjoys travelling to exotic countries, especially to Asia and Africa, where he reaches places far from civilization; he captures there moving and unusual images with the camera and subsequently transfers them to the canvas with sensitivity that is characteristic for him.


2016 – Polkowice: New building of the Municipal Office of Polkowice and Cavaletto Gallery. Title of the exhibition: „Parallel World”;
2017 – Toruń: Maya Gallery. Title of the exhibition: „Nudity”;
2018 – Pabianice: Concept Store Center. „Portrait”;
2018 – Lublin: Atu Gallery. Title of the exhibition: „Summer Adventure”
2018 – Rawicz: The Form – Polish Nationwide Review of Contemporary Art;
2018 – Radoszyce: Biłasówka, Art Gallery of Tadeusz Czarnecki.
The artist’s works can be found in private collections worldwide, among others in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Australia and Scandinavia.