Dzieła na sprzedaż (Colorful)

2 593 Oryginalne dzieła sztuki, limitowane edycje i druki: Discover[...]

2 593 Oryginalne dzieła sztuki, limitowane edycje i druki:

Discover original contemporary Colorful artworks on Artmajeur

Contemporary Colorful artworks are a stunning representation of modern art. These original artworks are created using a variety of supports, including canvas, paper, and wood. The materials used are equally diverse, ranging from acrylics to oils, watercolors, and pastels.

Malarstwo,  30x30 in
Fathhonii us Malarstwo, 30x30 in
©2019 Philippe Halaburda

Origins and History

Colorful artworks have been a part of human expression for centuries, with evidence of vividly hued paintings found in ancient civilizations around the world. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that original contemporary colorful artworks became a prominent genre in the art world. The post-World War II era saw a wave of artists experimenting with color and abstraction, leading to the birth of movements such as Abstract Expressionism and Color Field Painting.

Malarstwo,  32x32 in
Stone-Ground Malarstwo, 32x32 in
©2023 Preston M. Smith (PMS)

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

The recent evolution of original contemporary colorful artworks has been a fascinating one, as artists have pushed the boundaries of color and form to create stunning pieces that capture the eye and imagination. These artworks have become increasingly important in the contemporary art market, as collectors and enthusiasts seek out new and innovative works that challenge their perceptions and inspire them in new ways. From bold, vibrant abstract paintings to intricate, detailed mixed media works, these pieces offer a wealth of variety and diversity that reflects the richness and complexity of the world around us. As collectors continue to seek out these beautiful and unique artworks, artists will no doubt continue to explore new directions and push the boundaries of what is possible with color and form.

Malarstwo,  96x66 in
Cardi Malarstwo, 96x66 in
©2023 Gxminii

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary art is a vibrant and dynamic field that offers a diverse range of styles and techniques. Some of the most well-known contemporary artists today are known for their colorful artworks. These artists use bold, bright colors to create vibrant and eye-catching pieces that are sure to capture your attention.

One such artist is Yayoi Kusama, whose signature polka dots and vibrant colors have made her one of the most recognizable artists of our time. Her work often features large-scale installations and sculptures that immerse the viewer in a world of bright colors and patterns.

Another artist known for his colorful artworks is Damien Hirst, whose bold and often controversial pieces have made him a household name in the art world. His work often features bright, contrasting colors and provocative themes that challenge the viewer’s perceptions of art and the world around them.

Other contemporary artists known for their colorful works include Takashi Murakami, whose vibrant anime-inspired pieces have made him a favorite of both art collectors and pop culture enthusiasts, and Gerhard Richter, whose abstract paintings feature bold and expressive brushstrokes in a range of bright hues.

Whether they are using bold, bright colors to create eye-catching installations or using more subdued tones to explore complex themes and emotions, these contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art. Their colorful artworks are a testament to the power of creativity and imagination, and a reminder that art can inspire, challenge, and transform us in ways we never thought possible.

Malarstwo,  23,6x23,6 in
A feeling of Spring Malarstwo, 23,6x23,6 in
©2022 Florentina-Maria Popescu

Notable original contemporary Colorful artworks

The contemporary art scene is filled with striking and vibrant pieces that have captured the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide. One of these is "Balloon Dog (Orange)" by Jeff Koons, created in 1994. This sculpture is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and stands over 10 feet tall. The balloon dog is a symbol of childhood nostalgia and innocence, transformed into a larger-than-life sculpture that is both playful and imposing.

Another colorful artwork that has made a mark in the contemporary art world is "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh, painted in 1889. This oil painting depicts a serene landscape of a village, with swirling stars and a bright yellow crescent moon in the sky. The color palette used by Van Gogh evokes a sense of wonder and awe, while the brushstrokes convey a sense of movement and dynamism.

A more recent artwork that has gained recognition is "Five Brushstrokes" by Roy Lichtenstein, created in 1988. This colorful painting features five large brushstrokes in bold primary colors, set against a white background. The brushstrokes appear to be frozen in mid-air, suggesting the idea of movement and energy.

One of the most iconic contemporary artworks is Yayoi Kusama’s "Infinity Mirror Room - The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away", created in 2013. This immersive installation features mirrored walls and a LED light display, creating the illusion of an infinite space filled with colorful lights. Kusama’s use of repetition and color creates a mesmerizing and otherworldly experience for the viewer.

Lastly, we have "Untitled" by Mark Rothko, from 1950. This painting is part of Rothko’s signature style, which features large color fields that blur and bleed into each other. In this particular artwork, Rothko uses shades of blue, green, and yellow to create a serene and meditative atmosphere. The painting invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty of color and its emotional impact.

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Malarstwo zatytułowany „Fathhonii us” autorstwa Philippe Halaburda, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama no…
Fathhonii us - Malarstwo, 30x30 in ©2019 autorstwa Philippe Halaburda - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, geometric, architecture, yellow, map, network
"Fathhonii us"

Akryl na Płótno | 30x30 in

6 585 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „A feeling of Spring” autorstwa Florentina-Maria Popescu, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
A feeling of Spring - Malarstwo, 23,6x23,6 in ©2022 autorstwa Florentina-Maria Popescu - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, yellow, blue, green, pink
"A feeling of Spring"

Akryl na Płótno | 23,6x23,6 in

2 154,48 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „fantastic construct…” autorstwa Reiner Makarowski, Oryginalna praca, Olej
fantastic constructions under red cloud - Malarstwo, 27,6x19,7 in ©2023 autorstwa Reiner Makarowski - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, rot, Quadrat, Original, Öl, expressiv, imagination
"fantastic constructions under red cloud"

Olej na Drewno | 27,6x19,7 in

1 545,73 USD
1 425,99 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „ABSTRACTO 35” autorstwa Ana María Gonzalez Jimenez, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
ABSTRACTO 35 - Malarstwo, 47,2x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Ana María Gonzalez Jimenez - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, composicion, textura, color, decorativo, abstracción

Akryl na Płótno | 47,2x39,4 in

1 822,22 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „DIFFERENCES COME TO…” autorstwa Db Waterman, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
DIFFERENCES COME TOGETHER - Malarstwo, 39,4x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Db Waterman - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, abstract art, pop art, mixed media art, street art, urban art, square canvas, triangles, geometric, colorful art, concrete look, cheerful art

Akryl na Płótno | 39,4x39,4 in

2 496,03 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „CODE: 180920231638…” autorstwa Artur Wojtczuk, Oryginalna praca, Olej Zamontowany na Panel drewniany
CODE: 180920231638 ( in the glow of last summer ) - Malarstwo, 39,4x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Artur Wojtczuk - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, COLOR, SHAPE, ABSTRACTION, SPACE
"CODE: 180920231638 ( in the glow of last summer )"

Olej na Płótno | 39,4x39,4 in

2 203,56 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Fight for InterCept…” autorstwa Gordeco, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Fight for InterCeption - Malarstwo, 11,4x11,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Gordeco - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, geometric, blue, green, space, red, yellow, sky, sea
"Fight for InterCeption"

Akryl na Płótno | 11,4x11,4 in

2 518,89 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Dollar Leopard” autorstwa Anastasia But, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Dollar Leopard - Malarstwo, 39,4x31,5 in ©2022 autorstwa Anastasia But - Figurative, figurative-594, Kolorowy, Leopard, acrylic
"Dollar Leopard"

Akryl na Płótno | 39,4x31,5 in

2 965,19 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Guns for roses” autorstwa Yasmina Naessens, Oryginalna praca, Olej
Guns for roses - Malarstwo, 31,5x23,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Yasmina Naessens - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, Guns, Roses, Movement, Dynamics, contrasts
"Guns for roses"

Olej na Płótno | 31,5x23,6 in

1 634,99 USD
Kolaże zatytułowany „CartonAge 02” autorstwa Xaro, Oryginalna praca, Kolaże Zamontowany na Panel drewniany
CartonAge 02 - Kolaże, 33,1x23,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Xaro - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, carton, upcycling, multicolore, jaune, orange, noir, bleu, vert, blanc, rose
"CartonAge 02"

Kolaże na Karton | 33,1x23,6 in

1 385,72 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Original 120 face p…” autorstwa Eugen Dick, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Original 120 face portrait - Malarstwo, 47,2x47,2 in ©2023 autorstwa Eugen Dick - Figurative, figurative-594, Kolorowy, face
"Original 120 face portrait"

Akryl na Płótno | 47,2x47,2 in

4 101,63 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Urban nexus 24” autorstwa Joan Llaverias, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Urban nexus 24 - Malarstwo, 39,4x47,2 in ©2023 autorstwa Joan Llaverias - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, art, love, reiki, minimal
"Urban nexus 24"

Akryl na Płótno | 39,4x47,2 in

1 266,67 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Stone-Ground” autorstwa Preston M. Smith (PMS), Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Stone-Ground - Malarstwo, 32x32 in ©2023 autorstwa Preston M. Smith (PMS) - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, stone, stone-ground, stone colors, streaking colors, texture, textured abstract paintings, new abstracts, new acrylic paintings, abstract acrylics, modern, new modern, ultra modern paintings, earth tones, green, dark green, green and orange, orange and green, neutrals, neutral colors, muted colors

Akryl na Drewno | 32x32 in

1 658 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „CHRYSALIDE ET PAPIL…” autorstwa Jean-Humbert Savoldelli, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drew…
CHRYSALIDE ET PAPILLON - Malarstwo, 23,6x47,2 in ©2023 autorstwa Jean-Humbert Savoldelli - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy

Akryl na Płótno | 23,6x47,2 in

3 234,68 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Mount Fuji” autorstwa Soma, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Mount Fuji - Malarstwo, 31,5x15,8 in ©2023 autorstwa Soma - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, color, abstract, contemporary, expressionism
"Mount Fuji"

Akryl na Płótno | 31,5x15,8 in

1 383,54 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Aurore sur la Ryder…” autorstwa Jean-Luc Lopez, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana ram…
Aurore sur la Ryder Cup - Malarstwo, 31,5x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Jean-Luc Lopez - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, abstrait, abstraction, abstract
"Aurore sur la Ryder Cup"

Akryl na Płótno | 31,5x39,4 in

2 300,09 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Abstract 2396” autorstwa Alex Senchenko, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Abstract 2396 - Malarstwo, 47,2x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Alex Senchenko - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, colorful, colorful art, colorful abstract, abstract, painting, large, canvas, abstract painting, abstract canvas, large abstract painting, large abstract, large painting, modern abstract painting, original painting
"Abstract 2396"

Akryl na Płótno | 47,2x39,4 in

1 997,56 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Days like these” autorstwa Maria Esmar, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Days like these - Malarstwo, 39,4x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Maria Esmar - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, large abstract art, oversized paintings, green, pink, blue, yellow, XXL abstract art, UK artist, art for the office, art for the living room, art for the hallway
"Days like these"

Akryl na Płótno | 39,4x39,4 in

3 824,07 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „ZAP220212” autorstwa Jan Nomis, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
ZAP220212 - Malarstwo, 36,2x28,7 in ©2021 autorstwa Jan Nomis - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Kolorowy

Akryl na Płótno | 36,2x28,7 in

3 428,91 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Burst of Bloom” autorstwa Claire Soffietti, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Burst of Bloom - Malarstwo, 55,1x51,2 in ©2023 autorstwa Claire Soffietti - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Kolorowy, Colour, People, Spring, Bloom, Burst
"Burst of Bloom"

Akryl na Płótno | 55,1x51,2 in

20 038,69 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Les arbres 01.04.23” autorstwa Laurent Bouro, Oryginalna praca, Olej Zamontowany na Panel drewniany
Les arbres 01.04.23 - Malarstwo, 39,4x39,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Laurent Bouro - Figurative, figurative-594, Kolorowy, Arbres, Champignon, Huile, Bois, Paysage
"Les arbres 01.04.23"

Olej na Drewno | 39,4x39,4 in

5 379,58 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Flammes éternelles” autorstwa Madeleine Mayen-Leize, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewnian…
Flammes éternelles - Malarstwo, 47,2x47,2 in ©2022 autorstwa Madeleine Mayen-Leize - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Kolorowy, Flammes, Eternelles, coucher, coucher de soleil, lumineux, ville, endormi
"Flammes éternelles"

Akryl na Płótno | 47,2x47,2 in

4 439,08 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Pina Colada” autorstwa Petr Johan Marek, Oryginalna praca, Olej
Pina Colada - Malarstwo, 74,8x55,1 in ©2023 autorstwa Petr Johan Marek - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, yellow, orange, canvas, vertical, abstract, oil painting, pina colada, light, colourful, brushstrokes
"Pina Colada"

Olej na Płótno | 74,8x55,1 in

4 994,24 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „LA COULEUR DE MES R…” autorstwa Sophie Petetin, Oryginalna praca, Akryl Zamontowany na Drewniana ram…
LA COULEUR DE MES REVES - Malarstwo, 21,3x25,6 in ©2022 autorstwa Sophie Petetin - Minimalism, minimalism-606, Kolorowy, ETE, PINS, SUD, VOYAGE, REVES, COULEUR VIVES, ROUGE, SUD DE LA FRANCE, MER, SOLEIL, VACANCES

Akryl na Płótno lniane | 21,3x25,6 in

1 460,83 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Cardi” autorstwa Gxminii, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Cardi - Malarstwo, 96x66 in ©2023 autorstwa Gxminii - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Kolorowy, cardib, gold, large painting

Akryl na Płótno | 96x66 in

14 465,28 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Elation XL 1” autorstwa Peter Nottrott, Oryginalna praca, Akryl
Elation XL 1 - Malarstwo, 61x41,3 in ©2023 autorstwa Peter Nottrott - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, abstract artwork, portrait format, contemporary artwork, vibrant painting, colorful painting, Peter Nottrott, Original, abstraktes Gemälde, Hochformat, Unikat, piece unique, one of a kind, peinture abstraite, peinture moderne, moderne Malerei
"Elation XL 1"

Akryl na Płótno | 61x41,3 in

3 085,56 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Pink Sunrise” autorstwa Nataliia Sydorova, Oryginalna praca, Olej Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Pink Sunrise - Malarstwo, 47,2x37,4 in ©2023 autorstwa Nataliia Sydorova - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, abstract epressionism, minimalism, oil painting, vertical canvas, yellow, bright, light, summer vibe, positive energy, joyful, inspiration, sunrise, sunset, sky, sun, pink
"Pink Sunrise"

Olej na Płótno | 47,2x37,4 in

2 100 USD
Plakaty / wydruki wysokiej jakości dostępne
Malarstwo zatytułowany „El viaje de Ariadna…” autorstwa Hector Acevedo, Oryginalna praca, Olej
El viaje de Ariadna II - Malarstwo, 31,5x31,5 in ©2023 autorstwa Hector Acevedo - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Kolorowy, aRTE, Color, Madrid, España
"El viaje de Ariadna II"

Olej na Płótno | 31,5x31,5 in

5 108,54 USD
Malarstwo zatytułowany „Bigarré” autorstwa Sophie Dumont, Oryginalna praca, Olej Zamontowany na Drewniana rama noszy
Bigarré - Malarstwo, 23,6x23,6 in ©2023 autorstwa Sophie Dumont - Abstract, abstract-570, Kolorowy, livres, geometrique, minimalisme, multicolore, bibliotheque, abstrait, expressionnisme, huile, impasto