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Phil 'Philosofree' Cheney

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Artist (Digital Arts, Painting)
Born 1950
Abundant Life!

When I was younger I had the benefit of working on one of the first computers in my birth country of Australia. (I have the privilege of citizenship in both Canada and Australia)

During my formal post graduate training I had the opportunity to become the first person to do graphical art - this was in 1972 - using what was then a remarkable tool, a graphical plotter (there were no graphical printers in existence at that time)

In order to create an artistic image it had to be basic, and I had to program the plotter using spline curves as there were no facilities or programs for art at that time.

I don't have a copy of the result, but it was a happy image of Snoopy, Charlie Brown's beagle from Charles Schulz's comic strip!

So I have had a lot of experience using computers to generate artistic works. I recommend having a look at the exhibition video posted in news.

Since then I have added photography and acrylic painting.

I am not just a visual artist, though. I also have written 9 books (on Amazon) and composed and produced 8 albums of original music, both songs and instrumentals.

I am fortunate to be well loved by my wife, my daughters, grandchildren and many friends across the world. Love is my guide inside.

Abundant Life!

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