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What I learned about my painting talent . . .

Pamela C. Drapala Artist-Author

11:13am   "Luz", yes, she is my favorite Farm Worker and seems to be almost everyone's favorite that is why she's on the cover of my book. God has blessed me with an abundance of so many things concerning my talent. I truly feel He has placed me here so that other people from all over appreciate the Farm Workers for all they have done for our community with supplying the world with fruits, vegetables, wheat, and herbs/spices.   I realized from the beginning without His part in my work, there would be no reason for the success of these art works. Many people last week asked for me to make copies of your favorite one, "Luz". I just need to find a place in town that does quality work and an excellent price. Also, those who wish to have a larger print are from all over the Americas.   I will remember to treat these images with honor and ensure that the copyrights of the images are passed down to my children and to their children. If people kind (mankind) are still here in a 100 years, I hope that Yuma remembers that these images helped define the Yuma area. Much love to you and your family. Hugs


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