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Oryiman Agbaka (St Valentino de Augusto)

Artist (Drawing, Photography)
Born unknown date
Agbaka Oryiman
Everything is an illusion and the only real thing is you.

•I’m a self taught contemporary multidisciplinary (VISIONARY) visual artist, born and raised in Nigeria, who loves to work in all mediums and styles of art but traditionally a Ballpoint pen artist. Working mostly in portraiture focusing on realism and bringing to life everyday experiences without distorting how they are but encoding my ideas into my subjects to make them speak to the world. I use the ballpoint pen and ink specifically because they are tools from ancient times used in telling stories and writings and I use them to retell the stories and experiences of my subjects by drawing realistic portraits and capturing their individual expressions. Understanding line language and understanding line movements while creating boils down to my conceptualisation of how I create my layers. I like to educate young black Africans about the power that they posses by creating paintings about Africans and retelling their history and educating people about their rich cultures. I also like to dive into other aspects such as sculpting and street art painting in the future. Agbaka loves making paintings on subjects from variety of topics like politics, music, culture, nature.
•He studies each line stroke and cross hatches on the layers to create an imperceptible transitions of light and shadows in his work in sfumato style an Italian word meaning Vanished and evaporated and as such fades each stroke from his Ballpoint pen. This style was used by Leornardo da Vinci during the Renaissance period to create works like “Monalisa” “Averagely, I can spend an average of 380hours to create a realistic master piece sometimes well over weeks or months depending on the complexity of his subjects.
•My inspiration comes from my love for luminescence which is my passion for light and the way it falls on objects captivates me and enhances my creativity and style. I believe when light falls on object it is diving as the sun which gives light is our ruling planet.

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