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Olesya Kaluzhskaya

Samara, Россия
Художник (Картина)
Родился в 1991
Now my paintings are filled with inspiration, rebirth, hope and love.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with infertility. I tried to get over this dark period of my life through creative activities and artwork. I started drawing for myself in order to fill my heart with joy. This process made me happy! Now my paintings are filled with inspiration, rebirth, hope and love.

Art for me is a breath of fresh air free from any worries. When I create, all my troubles and fears pass away. My heart calms down. Infertility is no longer about me. The paintings are my babies, in which I put my personal touch.

I paint pictures full of deep profound meaning and love. My paintings are filled with positive energy. I never do any creative work being depressed or in low spirits. Nature, birds, animals and people around me inspire me.

The plots are suggested to me by an inner voice or my gut feeling. After creating, I always decipher the symbolism of the painting. As a result, it turns out that the meaning of the symbols exactly matches my emotional mood at the time of painting. This once again confirms that it is not the mind that dictates what to create, but only the heart.

I like to work with pastose, painting thick layers. I often use textural paste and Dutch foil (or mosaic gold) to highlight the necessary accents.

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