Roelof Gootjes

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Lid sinds 16 jul. 2016
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Presentatie & Biografie

Roelof Gootjes (1984)

The interest in visuals and graphics started almost in his childhood.
At the age of 14 Roelof started experimenting with spray-paint and pencils.
After a graphic techniques education, he went to Media College Amsterdam, where, at its audio/visual department, he learned working with a lot of different media.
He explored all the possibilities in digital, as well as cross media.

Roelof graduated at the SAE Amsterdam as: Bachelor of recording arts.

Roelof Gootjes is characterized by bright composition, speaking colours and a certain casual directness.
For his paintings Roelof uses a wide variety of techniques: acrylic paint, watercolour, spray-paint, black & white (pencil, chalk, ink) and mixed media.

Roelof Gootjes:

“When I’m painting, I am completely oblivious to what’s happening around me. I forget everything else. It gives me a high and I think it’s just because I’m so passionate about it.”