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Lilian Berg

Digitale Kunst, Schilderij, Tekening ... 17 Volgers Lid sinds 2018


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Lilianberg.art (Officiële Website)

Lid sinds 21 nov. 2018
De laatste wijziging op: 21 mei 2019

"I live in my Art"


"I live in my art"and I hope for peace in the world. But untill now that seems to be fiction.So I decided to create my world of fantasy and imagination, what appears to be a major challenge. Since all of my life my inspiration came from danse and movement. Than from 1996 metamorphoses from animal to human and visaversa, territorium defending. Later the Global warming starts to become more and more a big issue,..gletchers, oceans, plastic.....Those subjects spinning in my mind are emotionally and abstractly worked out..() with colors, lines and or just direct out of the tube...* In resent paintings I combine geometric figures and lines with organic forms. I like the chalenge of these two items because they are so opposite.

But mostly I want to create:  “A window into another world”


2000-2001 CMM; College voor Multimedia Amsterdam, Nederland
1991-1992 CPDB: Cultural Pedagogic Didactic, training visual artists Amsterdam, Nederland
1981-1984 Gerrit rietveld academie Amsterdam, Nederland
Lilian Berg

De kunstenaar aan het werk


2017 Landelijke atelier dagen: Open atelier, F.h.plantsoen Amsterdam, Nederland

2016 Lucas Andreas Hospital, Amsterdam, Nederland

2015 ARTWEST Amsterdam: De Hallen Amsterdam, Nederland

2014 Wallpainting hostal Joy beach Torremolinos, Spanje

2012 Openbare werken Ruigoord, Nederland

2009 Sala Mare Nostrum Rincón de la Victoria, Spanje

2009 Centro Regus Marbella, Spanje

2007 La Pasión del Cisne: Galerie Henarte Málaga, Spanje

2006 Centro Civico Málaga Málaga, Spanje

2005 Solo, AIMA ,Madrid, Spanje

2005 AiMA, Solo expo ,Madrid, Spanje

Collectieve exposities

2018 ArtBattle Amsterdam: Plekk, Nederland

2018 "WILD": artclub, de Kring, Amsterdam, Nederland

2009 International Festival de arte, exsposición al aire Marbella, Spanje

2002 Traveling exposition dutch coast Den Haag, Nederland

2002 Kunst Ahoy: Amsterdam Artists Rotterdam, Nederland

Permanente collecties

2010 Private collection K.van den Berg: (assignment of Personal Art Gift ) Rotterdam, Nederland

2009 Private collection R.Haarman (series of paintings) Málaga, Spanje

2009 Private collection R.Littlewood (series of paintings and sculpture) Málaga, Spanje

2002 Private collection (a series of paintings) Braschaat, België

2001 Robeco Direct: ( purchase of a painting) Rotterdam, Nederland

1994 Art Yard: ( Artsales to companies as Omegam, ABB, Dacosta Bv ,Haarlem, Nederland