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Nivas Kanhere

Artist (Painting)
Born 1982

Nivas Kanhere is a contemporary award-winning Indian painter. Painting is a language for him, and it is through it that he reflects his life experiences. Kanhere's works depict the melodic shapes of natural environments and the species that live there. Oils on canvas are used to produce his colorful abstractions.

Nivas Kanhere was born in 1982, in India, where he graduated from the J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai. He won numerous awards for his works so far: Gold Medal in 7 th Manavsanket National Art Competition, Ujjain and Gold Medal in Kalavart National Art in 2008; First Award at Art Festival in Pune, Second Award at 22 nd V.V. Oak All India Artist Painting Competition in Pune, Kalavart All India Artist Award in Ujjain in 2009; 27th V.V. Oak All India artist Painting Competition in Pune 2014 etc.

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