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Corby, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
It's never too late to start over.

Natalie Aleksejeva moved to the UK in 2012  where she realized her artistic potential and started a compelling journey into the world of art, which in turn became an inseparable part of her life and a starting point for her career in painting.
A thirst for knowledge opened up curtains into a society of artists, where Natalie met art masters, including some famous ones who became her inspirations and teachers in understanding and learning the art of painting. Natalie usually paints in oil, and sometimes works with acrylic. In search of her unique style, she often likes to experiment with different techniques, often mixing and combining various styles.
An incredible feeling of enlightenment that your art is appreciated by a wide circle of audiences as well as being stored in private collections all over the world, including Britain, Europe, the USA, Australia, East, and China, inspires Natalie to achieve new heights.
Constantly striving to create something special and intriguing is an everyday passion for Natalie, and that is why every piece of her work is so unlike the others. Once you open the door into a fairytale, it is hard to find a way out, although it would be completely unnecessary.

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