Nagia Chrisanthacopoulou Εικόνα προφίλ

Nagia Chrisanthacopoulou

keratea, Ελλάδα
Καλλιτέχνης (Ζωγραφική)
Γεννημένος σε 1969

Nagia Chrysantakopoulou
He was born in Athens in 1969
-1985: The first painting lessons were taught by Maria Onasiadi Peraki from the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.
-1985 participated in a Pan-Hellenic Painting Competition titled "No Violence in the Field" Taking 7th place
-1993 Graduate of the Artistic Lyceum of Graphic Arts
-1995 She participated in a European art exhibition as her artistic representative
Tommy Hilfiger Global in Greece
-1996 -98 He worked in the Prefecture of Viotia as Director of Art
with 1) participated in a solo exhibition and 2 group exhibitions of painting
-1999 Exhibition of the Municipality of Zografou on the subject: (Aipolis) (Eternal City)
-2000 creates installation projects in private and business premises.
-2002 cooperation with state television for the production of documentaries in the ancient professions with presentation in the field of encaustic technique
-2000 -2004 Collaboration with galleries in Mykonos the name: Message
-2015 Cooperation with Tetragon Ltd. at the Alexandroupolis History Museum in the famous circular wooden huts,
-2018 Group Exhibition Contemporary Greek Artists Art Exhibition House Ostria & Art Way
-2018 Group exhibition at the gallery d'epot art gallery at (Calais)
-2018 Group Exhibition Piraeus Gallery.
-2018 Group report with WEDO - GIVING - PROJECT Location: ASKT, Old Library, Piraeus

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