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Olga Myltseva

Belgrad, Serbia
Artist (Sculpture)
Born 1973
I feel my deep philosophy in the works made of porcelain and ceramics. Very fragile, and at the same time, completely immune to aging, the material makes you think about the fragility and beauty of ou

Olga Myltseva is a contemporary sculptor based in Serbia. The main area of her work is figurative ceramics sculpture. Ceramic art attracted her by its plasticity and the possibility to work with both color and shape. Myltseva in her works loves to use the texture of materials to enhance the image. She is working in various styles, experimenting with materials, and trying different techniques when using ceramics, porcelain, glazes, gold. She is always inspired by the beauty that the fired clay can provide. For her, working with ceramics is inherently a deeply philosophical exercise; you work with a material that does not age for all eternity and at the same time is fragile like human life.

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