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Marine Tessier

Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1989
"Sculptoiles". Experiment with the molded body for the canvas. My art is spontaneous, femininity like the experience of the free body on the canvas.

I see art as an entire investment of the body-brush, shouted from the naked heart. I mainly create "sculptoiles", the fruit of a long process of molding, unmoulding, casting, fixing on canvas, painting and ornamentation mainly with gold leaf. My feminine body gave life, I have been making canvas casts of my body. My relief paintings invite to embrace the love of living, my naked femininity. Life as a succession of births, deaths and rebirths. In giving life I remembered through soul and body that one day I was born, and allowed myself to be reborn through the creative. Klein blue is amniotic to me. My body is dismembered and the added paint, often in the blue of the unconscious, plunges you into its sensations, its desires, its libido of life.

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