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Marina Skromova

Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1979
Painting is like air to me. In my work, I share my happiness with the world around me. I am sure that beauty will save our planet and the time will come when there will be no chaos and wars!

Marina's goal is to make people happier!
Her home studio is bright, spacious and very sunny, with large windows offering stunning views of the picturesque forest. It inspires me to create more and more!
Every morning, classical music is turned on in her creative studio and the magic begins on the canvas. The result is very fun and easy work! You have a great opportunity to touch and bring a piece of happiness to your home!

Painting for Marina is like air. In her work, she shares her happiness with the world around her. Writes in different styles. He likes to paint textures, experiment with different materials. Always looking for something new.
All her works are very sunny and filled with positive, cheerful energy! Her art is a pure reflection of nature and its inner world.
Marina is sure that beauty will save our planet and the time will come when there will be no chaos and wars!

Marina is a self-taught artist. But this did not prevent her from becoming a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and winning international competitions. Her love of art lives on in private collections around the world.

Since 2020 I have been a member of the Professional Community of Russia.
In 2021, she became the bronze medalist of the international competition “Art. Perfection. Recognition."

2021 International Online Competition in Spain Fiestalonia Milenio2021 International Competition in USA

2021 Animal Competition and Exhibition 2021 USA Animals International Art Competition 2021 Prospect and Entry

2021 UK International Competition GOLDEN TIME TALENT LTD

2019 Russia On the eve of spring "in the IEC" GAUK "Zabaikalsky Krai

2018 Russia Regional exhibition of artists of Transbaikalia

2017 Russia Regional exhibition of artists of Transbaikalia

2016 Russia "Poetry of Winter" at the State Autonomous Institution of Culture "IEC of the Trans-Baikal Territory"

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