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David Barnes

Porto, Portugal
Artist (Collages, Painting)
Born 1974

My work has always explored the different layers and patterns behind everyday reality. Everything is a construction of different parts and elements. The visual world has underlying structures and patterns that combine to give us our perceived reality. My art seeks to reflect the connections and layering.

I have recently got back into using colour and pattern to create abstract geometric painting that cause a flow or rhythm across the surface.

The geometric design is hand drawn using a compass and straight edge.

I slowly built up the colour scheme by adjusting tones and depth during the painting process. There is an initial idea of how the final painting may look, but I wanted the painting to develop more organically.

The combination of geometry and colour allows the eye to wander over the surface, and for me, has a meditative quality.

With collage, the act of cutting through a sheet of material reveals a window into another layer below. My work tries to create a sense of surface pattern, letting the eye roam over the picture plane, as well as creating a sense of depth and of space receding behind the surface.

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