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©2019 by MoriceMarcuse
©2019 MoriceMarcuse
BASKET - Photography ©2019 by MoriceMarcuse - Outsider Art, Architecture, Kids, Cities, Colors, Culture, Places, Wall, People, History
©2018 by MoriceMarcuse
©2018 MoriceMarcuse
GOST - Photography ©2018 by MoriceMarcuse - Street Art (Urban Art), Black and White, Cities, Culture, World Culture, People, Religion, MAN, BLACK, COLORED, AFRIKA, ITALY
©2019 by MoriceMarcuse
©2019 MoriceMarcuse
HAPPY FACE .jpg - Photography ©2019 by MoriceMarcuse - Dada, Abstract Art, DOOR, WALL, CITY, PISA, BLACK AND WHITE, DADA