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Mikhail Deshuk

Художник (Цифровое искусство)
Родился в 1979
The main thing for me is to give people love and happiness, through my work, I want to reach your heart and awaken your feelings!

Mikhail Deshuk was born in an ordinary family of peasant workers, from an early age, as soon as she began to hold a spoon in her hand, she began to hold a brush with paints, her works so far diverged only among relatives and close friends of the family, So far, he does not adhere to a special style, according to the decision of the Mikhail, the time has come to show his work to the world. She cannot imagine life without art, each of her next works is unique and unrepeatable, painting for her is like a gift from God. Mikhail believes that every person has a talent that needs to be developed, and for this you need to work hard and constantly improve. Each new picture makes him stronger and more self-confident. “I believe that everyone can become an artist and creator,” he says.“I really love my work. I believe that if you love what you do, then you can realize your talent. And in art there are no boundaries. After all, we are all people of art, and we must be higher, we must do something new in order to be noticed and appreciated

Откройте для себя современные произведения искусства от Mikhail Deshuk, посмотрите последние работы и купите онлайн. Категории: русские современные художники (родился в 1979). Художественные домены: Цифровое искусство. Тип учётной записи: Художник , зарегистрирован 2023 (Страна происхождения Израиль). Купить последние работы Mikhail Deshuk на Artmajeur: Откройте для себя потрясающие произведения современного художника Mikhail Deshuk: . Просматривайте его художественные произведения, покупайте оригинальные работы или высококачественные репродукции.

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