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Mike Sexton

White City, Kansas, United States
Artist (Painting)
Born 1977

Hello Everyone,

My name's Mike Sexton; I've been working as a digital painter and graphic design artist since 2005. As a kid I always liked to draw; I'd draw whatever I had around me; some of it was pretty horrid lol but it's the only way to improve yourself in drawing or any other activity. I started out with the basic pencil/paper and then moved onto colored pencils which is an interesting medium to work with.
About 5 years ago I started using a computer program called Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop and got really into making computer graphics and animations; then one day I got an email from a gentleman who runs a nonprofit animal rights organization in Canada and he had seen some of my work and asked me if I'd design some banners for his organization to use; I was glad to so as animal rights and environmental causes are extremely important to me. I started to use PSP to not only design computer graphics but I started to draw and paint with it things I created from scratch using only my computer mouse and then additionally using a graphic tablet I bought last year when I went professional and began my company, Mike Sexton Studio.
I enjoy painting wildlife, Egyptian, Celtic knots, animal rights and fantasy paintings as well as graphic designs which I use on merchandise I sell as well as prints as at my gallery here. This isn't where I leave off though because as a graphic designer, naturally I also design logos, banners and even websites for other companies.
What do I use for inspiration? Things I see all around me, in movies, in my local environment such as my 2 dogs, history, whatever can spark an idea; you'll be surprised what you can come up with when you look beyond the norm and see what's really there.

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