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Miglena Kostova

Wien, Österreich
Künstler (Malerei, Collagen)
Geboren in unbekanntes datum
There is always one goal more than twice for its solution

My name is Miglena Kostova and I was born in 1966 in Ruse / Bulgaria. After living in Germany, Spain and Italy, I have found my center of life and my home in Vienna for the past 15 years.

Art has interested, fascinated and inspired me all my life. I became an active artist in 2014 when a severe back injury left me unable to work for a long period. At that time visual arts became therapy for me and finally a passion. I discovered my fascination for different materials and the variety of forms of expression. As part of the Atelier 10 project, I was given the opportunity to realize my talent for colors and shapes for the first time. My artistic expression has changed the way I see my life and has become my life. My emotions, my crises, my strength, my enthusiasm and finally my love for life manifest themselves in my paintings, sculptures and collages.

Artistic range

• Monochrome painting, & collages; Mixed media, textile, acrylic, watercolour, wood
• Sculptures (ceramics),

• Furniture Restoration & Decoupage
• Fashion accents and tuning (bags & hats) in cooperation (e.g. with Valentina Sorocan and Umud Kara)


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