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Tracey Lee Cassin

Rotorua Lakes District, New Zealand
Artist (Painting)
Born 1965
“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” ― Erich Fromm

Tracey Lee Cassin is a multi-award-winning published artist and photographer who is based in the beautiful lakeside community of Rotoma in the Bay Of Plenty of New Zealand.
Her creative practice is multifaceted as a painter, mixed media artist, writer/blogger, and photographer with works in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Scotland and Italy.

Her autodidactic practice explores many artistic aspects, particularly the fundamentals of space, shape, and colour using various mediums, including oils, watercolour, ink, printmaking, collage, and acrylics.
The sculptural use of paint with a palette knife and spatula is a personal passion.
As an artistic photographer, she has a special interest in macro, digital manipulation, colour manipulation, and the creation of inspirational quotation photography.

Her abstract and other contemporary subject matters are influenced by the patterns and colours found in nature, the ocean, the human face, lyrics and poetry.

Often hidden symbolism, hearts, numbers, spirals, and faces appear in her work.

Sometimes intentional, sometimes not.

Contemporary seascapes feature prominently in her body of work and it is these which she is most known.

Painted in oil or acrylic, they are birds-eye, abstract or viewed in a contemporary manner of being within the water looking back to the swell of the waves and horizon.

She creates passionate water images that capture movement and beauty using combinations of colour, patterns, sand, rock, light, shadow and sky.

 She says; "My oceanscapes encapsulate the many layers and beauty found within the oceans water. The techniques I use in oils create a multi-dimensional perspective for the viewer that offers a contemporary insight into the movement, power, liquidity and colour of our beloved oceans".

Emotions, energy and spirituality are the catalysts of all my paintwork and photography.

There is very little desire for perfection or realism. But an extension of thought via placement of an infusion of strength, hope and courage into what I create.

I offer the viewer of my work a portal to those feelings".


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