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Martial Dumoulin

Verbier, Switzerland
Artist (Painting)
Born 1950
"To create is also to give shape to one's destiny". Albert Camus

Originally from the Bagnes Valley where he was born in 1950, Martial Dumoulin currently lives in Verbier in Switzerland. Very sensitive in nature, he first learned about music. Towards the end of the 1980s, Martial started painting.
In his youth, the paintings of the great masters were always admired. He would have liked to be able to paint, but far from him the idea that one day it would become his passion. It was while leafing through a magazine that he decided to get down to business. Self-taught, he perfected himself first of all in watercolor lessons and then in oil painting with Professor Franco Frascaroli in Martigny.
Martial created a few watercolors, but oil painting suited him best. Faithful to symbolism, to the surrealist movement, his enigmatic creations invite reflection. His peaceful or agitated subjects spring partly from emotions, from strong moments, close to human nature.
With acrylic painting, Martial approached abstract art. He finds there again a pleasant feeling of freedom and escape.

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