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Marleen Pauwels

Olvera, Spain
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Marleen Pauwels is a contemporary Belgian painter. Over the years the artist’s style has evolved using various media including etching, collage and oil paint. In her current work, she has created her own distinctive form of expression with the use of mixed media on panel. Her application of color has been inspired by the natural earth pigments she has discovered during her many travels throughout Spain.

The human figure is a constant presence in her work, emerging from her fascination with the fragility of the human condition. Her figures reflect in their elongated, nude almost transparent bodies a feeling of isolation, but also a strength and power to go back to the essence of what we are. She confirms this statement by putting them in empty abandoned spaces away from any unnecessary adornments.

Marleen Pauwels was born in 1959, in Belgium. She had solo and group shows at museums, galleries, artist-run spaces and art fairs and her artworks could be found in private and corporate collections throughout Europe. Pauwels lives and works in Spain.

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