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Marketa Koreckova

Praha, Czechia
Artist (Sculpture)
Born 1975

Markéta Korečková
A graduate from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, Markéta Korečková is one of the female sculptors who entered the Czech art scene at the end of the 1990s.
She has found the theme for her sculptures and sculpture installations in archetypally viewed polarity given by the woman and man principle. Somewhat ironically she observes transformations of both polarities in the changing society. Inspired by fairy tales, historical non-fiction, folklore, cartoon, sci-fi, and others, the artist uses and transforms the existing language forms into a new sculpture. The leitmotif is a heterogeneous couple of figures who acquire a symbolic meaning. They are the reason behind any action, duration, ceasing, and renewal of life cycles. “Prince” and “Princess” are ideal attribution prototypes combining the physical and spiritual ideals. In the non-descriptive geometric form, the central (usually a circle) and the vertical (a column, shaft) form a symbol transcription of the female and male sexuality.

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