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Marie Perony

Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1960
"Colors open our world to our imagination, hopes, dreams and emotions"

After 30years of experience in Communication, I finally take the risk, at 60 years old, to present here my "work".

I am a self-taught artist, having used several mediums (sculpture, oil and watercolor), before trying digital painting, and ... I love it!

Deeply influenced by my life experiences in Africa and the USA, I try, in all my paintings, to offer the emotion that people or life scenes arouse in me.

I am now at a turning point in my life, and I am looking to join an artist residency in the US or/and a digital art university, again in the US.

Please feel free to browse through my galleries, each of which represents a different universe.

I invite you to enter my world, and to contact me!

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