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Artist (Painting, Photography)
Born unknown date
Art and Life -Life and Art

I do explore the journey between the art and memory, the painting and the image. They're so many faces coming from the seen - in photo albums or in any captured moment here and now. I hope that art guides us a step further in the no man's land of our past and future, serves to bridge existing language barriers, and peel back the layers of what appears to become familiar. 

Exploring the vibrant texture of the image and painting, I am captivated by the light and experience of it.

I love painting from my early teens' age. And still do. It took over with my ongoing study and work.

We'll see in the painting thought and paint or brush strokes the start of a new existence and in its un/conscious meanings would start to trace the link between the image and its possible wording of our thoughts and immersive experience.

I always appreciate the sharp-eye of friends and people touched by the seen and thought, their shared deep insights about life, art, and human knowledge.

The friendly human interaction is the cornerstone of a new bridge for understanding ourselves and the other, work on our surrounding, with new hope and on the road to a bright future!

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