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Marco Paludet

Grazzanise, Italy
Artist (Drawing, Digital Arts)
Born 1981

Based in Caserta, Italy. Pencil artist, portraitist, artisan, graphic and digital artist. Though female figures are my main and favourite subject, i often explore other themes like floral and mandala illustration. Basically, my style is a blend of pencil drawings and street art/spray paint art. An important part of my portfolio consists of digital artworks, which i use for my giclée prints

Discover contemporary artworks by Marco Paludet, browse recent artworks and buy online. Categories: contemporary italian artists (born 1981). Artistic domains: Drawing, Digital Arts. Account type: Artist , member since 2019 (Country of origin Italy). Buy Marco Paludet's latest works on Artmajeur: Discover great art by contemporary artist Marco Paludet. Browse artworks, buy original art or high end prints.

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