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Zsolt Malasits

Gyor, Hungary
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born 1961
Harmony is the basic pillar of life. I convey this message to people in each of my paintings.

Zsolt Malasits is a contemporary award-winning Hungarian artist. His art is characterized by spirituality, sacrality, love, harmony, peace and the presentation of the pure traditions.

Interpersonal relations, the relationship between humanity and God, everyday life, love, affection, and the search for man in the created world are major themes in his works. His paintings frequently feature the fish symbol, which stands for transformation and the impermanence of all things. The pleasant color world and the shapes represent the need for a pure life. A fundamental duality that struggles within his creator soul - the good and the bad, egoism and devotion - defines his inner life. His major objective is to search for and find the "Essence."

Zsolt Malasits was born in 1961, in Hungary. He exhibited his works nationally, as well as internationally in Finland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and France.

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