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Mariska Ma Veepilaikaliyamma

Madurai, India
Artist (Painting, Photography)
Born unknown date
Embracing the Sacred Earth and Nature - an eternal journey

Starting my creative, artistic journey

Beside my re-searching and following my spiritual path of Earth-and Nature Goddess veneration, I always felt that I had to express myself in a artistic way, that deep inside me there was a huge creative source I had to unblock. My beloved Neem Tree Mother-Goddess helped me with their immense healing energies to clear all blockages and start painting. My Neem Tree Mother-Goddesses, Earth and Nature Mother-Goddesses are my great inspirations for my artworks. Indeed, we paint together. Every painting is a celebration for them, symbolising their immense powerful, healing energies. Before creating an artwork, I start with a ritual consisting of meditation and dance.

Journeys of inspiration

Interconnected with the creation of artworks are my journeys of inspiration which lead me to different places. Actually, everyday is part of this extraordinary journey, taking numerous forms. My journeys of inspiration are documented by my nature photography which also celebrate the greatest artists – the Earth – and Nature –Goddesses.

Visualisation and meditation

My artworks are a visualisation of a world where everybody venerates, respects and honours the Earth- and Nature –Goddesses – Mother Earth and Nature – the source of all life! My paintings also invite to go on a meditative journey. Every day, the painting takes a different form and reveals secret messages which are important for the spiritual path of the viewer.

Eco-friendly colours

For my artworks, I only use self-made natural colours. Mixing my colours is a ritual in itself; I use natural pigments like turmeric and indigo.

Exhibitions all over the world

Since 2006, I organised several solo exhibitions and participated also in group exhibitions . The exhibitions took place all over the world, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, India, France, Finland, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan. I continue organising exhibition in various places beyond the traditional art venues.

Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti

2019, I started a new adventure on my artistic journey, I opened Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti in Madurai, Tamil Nadu where I will present every year several exhibitions. For each opening, I organise a cultural programme with music and dance.

Design by MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma

End of 2019, I decided to begin with Design by MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma. With a selection of my nature photography and photos of my artworks, I design fashion, bags and different kind of accessories.

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