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Painting 92 Followers Member since 2009
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
60x50x1 cm ©2018 by Lutokhina
©2018 Lutokhina
Girl with a rat - Painting, 60x50x1 cm ©2018 by Lutokhina - Conceptual Art, Figurative Art, Realism, Animals, Light, People, Portraits, Women, girl, rat, portrait, girl portrait, woman, woman portrait, gift, christmas gift, gift for mother, girl with pet, girl with rat, art for interior, commission portrait, portrait with pet, rat pet, painting, oil paiting, oil portrait, artwork portrait, oil on canvas, gift for her, she, animal, drawing
Lutokhina ~ Girl with a rat
50x40x1 cm ©2018 by Lutokhina
©2018 Lutokhina
Portrait of a girl (Best friends) - Painting, 50x40x1 cm ©2018 by Lutokhina - Figurative Art, Portraiture, Contemporary painting, Children, Women, Animals, People, Portraits, portrait, portrait of a gerl, dog, dog portrait, portrait with dog, friend, pet portrait, commission portrait, oil portrait, oil painting, oil on canvas, painting, portrait painting, oil, fine art, fine art portrait, people, women, women portrait, love, gift, gift for her, gift for mother, original art, art for interior, girl, girl portrait, portrait of a girl
Lutokhina ~ Portrait of a girl (Best friends)
50x35x0.2 cm ©2016 by Lutokhina
©2016 Lutokhina
Iris Flower - Painting, 50x35x0.2 cm ©2016 by Lutokhina - Figurative Art, Impressionism, Classicism, Pulpboard, Nature, Colors, Flower, iris, flower, iris flower, irises, irises flowers, floral, botanical, multicolor, colorfull, flower painting, oil painting, painting
Lutokhina ~ Iris Flower
80x56x0.2 cm ©2017 by Lutokhina
©2017 Lutokhina
Effel Tower Paris / La tour eiffel - Painting, 80x56x0.2 cm ©2017 by Lutokhina - Abstract Art, Figurative Art, Modernism, Abstract Art, Architecture, Cityscape, Landscape, Culture, eiffel tower, tour eiffel, paris, france, eiffel tower art, paris cityscape
Lutokhina ~ Effel Tower Paris / La tour eiffel
80x90x1 cm ©2014 by Lutokhina
©2014 Lutokhina
Landscape - Painting, 80x90x1 cm ©2014 by Lutokhina - Abstract Art, Figurative Art, Conceptual Art, Modernism, Landscape, Abstract Art, Seasons, Tree, Nature, tree, trees, autumn, autumn landscape, le paysage, Automne, Les arbres, le parc, peupliers, poplars, park, forest, art for home, art for interior, strips
Lutokhina ~ Landscape
65x52.8x0.2 cm ©2017 by Lutokhina
©2017 Lutokhina
Chamomile and sunlight - Painting, 65x52.8x0.2 cm ©2017 by Lutokhina - Figurative Art, Flower, Botanic, Still life, chamomile, flower, flowers, white, summer, sunlight, light, floral, bouquet, chamomile art, summer flowers
Lutokhina ~ Chamomile and sunlight
80x100 cm ©2008 by Lutokhina
©2008 Lutokhina
Under the bridge - Painting, 80x100 cm ©2008 by Lutokhina - Abstract Expressionism, City Landscape with Construction of bridge.
Lutokhina ~ Under the bridge
97x67x0.2 cm ©2008 by Lutokhina
©2008 Lutokhina
Old bridge - Painting, 97x67x0.2 cm ©2008 by Lutokhina - Art Nouveau, Figurative Art, Landscape, landscape, cityscape, bridge, city, river, sunny
Lutokhina ~ Old bridge
120x110x2 cm ©2009 by Lutokhina
©2009 Lutokhina
Tree of Love. - Painting, 120x110x2 cm ©2009 by Lutokhina - Contemporary painting, Paper, Canvas, Tree, tree, love, abstract, grey, big painting, black and white
Lutokhina ~ Tree of Love.