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Lia Chechelashvili

Lia Chechelashvili ©2017

©2017 Lia Chechelashvili

"Georgian artist Lia Chechelashvili’s minimalist art is her signature in my opinion. These works will stand the test of time in their modern expression of movement in contemporary intimate human relationships with other people, with activities, with objects.
Simplicity speaks volumes in these works, potently emotive and vigorously insightful. The viewer feels the movement, the very air and potency of the moment. As if a voyeur, one watches subtle interplays, imagined in the mind by suggestion in each arc and vector, each fabulously conceived line and curve.
Marvelous. I can see these…feel these wonderful works gracing the halls a music school, a dance school, a wonderfully intimate social lounge, the hallowed halls of a respected university…and my own music room. Can’t you feel them, too?"
Artist, writer, musician D. L. Keur
“The Art of Lia Chechelashvili”, Art Reviews by D. L. Keur, 23/07/2007