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Laura Casini

Geneva, Switzerland
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
“Because Art , after all, is a love affair.”

'Light...Color ....Movement... in other words my Universe"

Laura Casini, Chromatic Poetess, as after all, Art is a Love Affair.


Laura Casini,  chromatic poetess , as she describe herself, is a sensitive artist who brings in her creations a strong, deep sense of aliveness and life force inviting the soul of the watcher to experience and embody different sort of emotions. 


Her artistic work generate an immediate, secret intimate and unique relation with the watcher.


Light, color, movement (the essential elements of the life itself) permeate and animate all her creations.


Structural abstract paintings multidirectional to be seen through all your senses to constantly be surprised by their shadow/light effects and the light changing of the pigment used . Her creations are like mini universes merging and dancing in you.


“Her fingers  playing with the colors and the materials paint  like a musicien and a scupltur, funding the point that catches the eye between shadow and light , to transform and create and invite to a voyage ....”

“Artists have a window that opens beyond the world ´piercing the bubble ´. You takes us beyond our world. Your strength is that vital energy that is in you. This power is much animal as spiritual , luminous. Your art is perfectly expressing the powerful aestheticism of this yin and yan.´

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