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Brasschaat, Belgium
Artist (Painting)
Born 1989
A Canadian, living in Belgium, I am endlessly inspired by the landscapes of both countries and paint scenes that seek to depict my experience of joy in nature.

Laura K. Smith (1989) is a Canadian landscape painter based in Antwerp, Belgium. Inspired from a young age by the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art movements, Laura studied studio fine arts, art history, art theory, and philosophy for over a decade and is now pursuing her own painting practice professionally.

Laura holds a Ph.D. in Literature from KU Leuven (Belgium), a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmith’s, University of London (UK), and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Fine Arts with honours in Art History from Bishop’s University (Canada). Laura has worked in academia as a post-doctoral researcher and as an art consultant, gallery assistant, and researcher including in internationally renowned art institutions in Europe and Canada.

Peaceful, joyful, strong, colourful, dream-like, and haunting are some of the ways in which Laura’s paintings have been described to her. Using acrylic on canvas, Laura paints colourful landscape scenes of her home country of Canada and her new home country of Belgium with the aim of sharing the joy that she experiences in the practice and appreciation of art. Complementary to her painting practice, Laura writes about her painting process and inspiration in her biweekly blog, available on her website.

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