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Artist (Painting)
Born 1984
Make the world bright

I am Liubov Kuptsova was born in 1984 in Russia, Moscow. Since childhood, I have visited various circles of needlework, modeling, moxibustion, painting. But more seriously began to study art already in high school. From 1996 to 2001 I studied at the school with an in-depth study of arts and crafts. At the insistence of my parents, I entered the university not on the same course that I had dreamed of since my childhood.

I graduated from The Moscow state university of design and technology (MSUDT), Faculty of Economics and Management. But I continued to dream of becoming an artist.
Over time, I was lucky to meet wonderful teachers in painting who inspired me to start writing my first artworks. In 2016, I moved with my family to Ukraine, in Krivoy Rog, where my husband and I created our own artstudio and I started professionally painting. Many of my paintings have found their new owners in different countries (UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Sweden, and others). I get a lot of inspiring feedback from my clients, which gives me the strength to continue to create.
I try to work every day. Every day brings me joy from what I do.
The most favorite objects for my artworks are animals, birds, flowers and people. A special place in my artworks is abstraction. For myself the main task is to catch the essence of the plot, mood, impulse, emotion.
The phrase "Pablo Picasso": " I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it" , always inspires me to new experiments in painting. In each of my artworks, I put a part of my soul. I do all artworks with great love since I realized the dream of my childhood.
I hope that through my artworks I will tell the world about the light that is born in me when I create my artworks.

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