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Kerry O. Furlani

Poultney, Vermont, United States
Artist (Drawing)
Born unknown date
My drawings begin with play.

I get immense pleasure from the physicality and the lovely dusty mess of black charcoal in my hands moving across large paper. I begin each drawing with an empty mind - no conscious themes or titles. During the process, I systematically rotate the paper and make marks. After each rotation and then mark-making, I walk back from the work to study the development and see it as a whole. I am looking first for major forms; later I will add the minor forms. The ghost lines record my search for meaning. I am looking for relationships and tensions and gorgeous shapes in the interplay of forms. 

My hope in this wilderness practice is to experience not knowing and the element of surprise; authenticity and beauty. Any conclusive form or theme that arrives early is abandoned. This ruthless self-imposed rule is central to the satisfaction and enjoyment I receive from these drawings. The title often comes to me after the major forms are in place. This title may help to tighten and finalize the work. 

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