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Llewellyn Berry

Middle River, Maryland, United States
Artist (Photography, Digital Arts)
Born unknown date
"It's always, always, always about the light"

Llewellyn Berry is a photographer who has specialized in two genres: landscape photography and semi-abstract expressionism. He works in black and white, with little interest in colorwork. Additionally, his work bears the influence of Georges Braques, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, and Paul Klee.

When photography illuminates the world around us, it reaches significant artistic heights. The artist's singular perspective sheds light on that fundamental aspect of our being - our collective and universal being. That image can serve as a constant reminder of the universe's uniqueness and the all-pervading beauty that exists around us.

Llewellyn Berry was born in the United States. He is employed in Middle River, Maryland. His work is included in numerous international collections.

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