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Ketevan Maisuradze Keti

Tbilisi, Georgia
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
I create characters and environment around them like an image of a film

The object of my interest are humans. I create characters and environment around them like an image of a film. They are steeped in their thoughts, in virtual, romantic and aesthetic environment. Their faces reflect the sadness and short lived beauty of the moment.

I believe that my works reveal the influence of the Renaissance paintings and oriental art, as well as my fascination with Persian culture, so the cultures of the West and East are, in a way, merged in my paintings.

I almost never make preliminary drawings, as when I sit down in front of the canvas, my plot starts to change and my vision becomes absolutely different from drafts I have made in advance. While in the process of painting, I am never aware what the finished painting will look like. It happens in the process of painting. Ideas are born as the painting develops, and often the state of my mood at some moment inspires my next step.

I never use a model for my portraits, all characters are fictional. The expression of that person often inspires changes in the composition. In the process of painting I may become so taken away by some color, that I can change the tonality of the painting. Also, shade, lighting or some detail may become the reason for some new idea.

I paint in oil. The layer of the paint is thin and I use a pallet-knife to get a special facture. The process of work takes quite a long time, so I make four or five paintings a year.

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