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For me, my artwork is an expression of fusion of different cultural, professional and geographical elements.

A creator at heart, Kemal Yazici is a true visionary in the Dubai art space. His passion for innovation is translated into his bespoke works of art.

"I don't want to just sell paintings. I want to give people a moment of calm. I want them to look at my work and let go of their worries." Yazici comments.

His art style consists of using squeegees, spatulas, acrylic and metal tools while applying pressure coordinated techniques to produce paintings that allows the viewer to draw upon meanings based on their personal experiences. 

"Layering is a huge part of my process; I don't know what the final piece may look like. You cannot predict life or art, but that's what makes it fun. " Kemal Yazici.

In the UAE, Yazici's art can be found in 'Bedia Art Gallery' located in Al Khayat Avenue, Al Quoz; An Airy 220 sq. ft space encompassing two floors.

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