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Katerina Teresidi

Wien, Austria
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
I create figurative paintings in the language of dreams that serve as contemporary witnesses.

"After my Diploma at the Art Unievrity Linz 2015, class of Prof. Huebner and Diploma supervisor Prof. Joanna Barck I moved to Vienna, Austria, where I currently work as professional artist and event organiser. In course of my engagement in the cultural field I am cooperating with several galleries and art collectives, I am teaching art and curating exhibitions.

In my visualisations I am developing a synthesis between the outer and the inner worlds:
borrowing my inspiration from the Jungian symbolic language of depth psychology in numerous works I reflect on the collective movement in course of technologization and its accompanying effects, possibilities and challenges for the individual and socienties."

The works of Katerina Teresidi are included in numerous Austrian and international collections, she participated in numerous international exhibitions in museums and galleries, symposia, stipends, biennals and art awardings.  

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