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Work of Heart

We must return the world the nurturing energy of the Feminine.” Amma

Karisma is the charismatic sacred artist, Minister for the Divine; Painter, Priestess, Poetess & Performer.

Karisma’s artwork is the outpouring of her own soul under the guidance of the Higher Self, her immortal I AM; as well as a way to open the souls of the others. As the world is going through the transformation, so does each individual soul. The raising of the vibrations of humanity and receiving of the Divine Love is not possible without an open heart. Karisma sees her artwork as a channel for Divine Feminine, as the means for opening the hearts and awakening the souls.

Art as an invocation of the Divine Feminine. Art as an angelic call from the Higher Realm. Art as a Sacred Art of Alchemy. Karisma’s art as her ministry to Divine Feminine and service to humanity, assisting it in its ascension. She is both the artist and the priestess, for Karisma the two blend into one. Her art is the metaphorical symbolic sacred language, in which the messages of Healing & Love are communicated directly to the soul. Even if the mind may not always understand this language, the soul always answers this call. Art speaks in the language of the heart.

One of the biggest themes of Karisma’s artwork is duality and One-ness. She is blending the dualities and like a skilled alchemist, brings the opposites to a harmonious unity - Light and Darkness, Fire and Water, Sun and Moon, Male and Female… She delivers the message of the Goddess: duality is just an illusion, the Maya. Separation is only a perception. In reality there is only Oneness. At this time, we strive to reach beyond this illusion and see the Unity of our souls as well as see this Unity reflected in the whole world. We are part of one large soul, Anima Mundi, and one large Universal Mind.

Karisma works with Feminine Sacred archetypes of different cultures, infusing them with her own artistic impression and working by direct guidance of the Goddesses. One of such guides is Mother Mary, the spiritual guide of all humanity, who wants her children to feel her love and open her hearts to her. The world is so dominated by the Yang (masculine) energy right now and there is certainly not enough Yin, hence why we are witnessing the “Goddess come back”, though in reality the Goddess has never left us.
Karisma’s artistic medium is oil, golden and silver leaf, crystals, sparkling powder to add happy vibes and structure; as well as Mischtechnik (tempera & oils); and sometimes she paints with fluorescent acryl colors.

Karisma exhibits and is collected internationally cherished for strong individual charisma of her art and the Divine message it has to deliver.


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