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Karisma's Bio

Karisma’s Biography

Karisma (Nina Pap de Pestény) was born in Moscow to be raised in the warm artistic atmosphere of Tbilisi, Georgia. She began painting and drawing on the walls before she could even speak, thus forcing her parents to frequent change of wallpaper. Passing the rigid selection, at the age of 5 she entered youth art school where she developed her creative talents in many directions – such as painting, sculpture, folk crafts, graphics, ballet, to name just a few.
To reflect the deep spiritual search that she is undertaking, and influenced by her awakened esoteric interests, Nina takes an artist name Purificacion, “Purification”. Art and Sacred forever join together and Nina focuses entirely on creating divine spiritual sacred art and manifestation of healing and Light.
In 2007 out of Purificacion Karisma is born, to reflect a new stage of Nina’s artistic and spiritual development, her inner alchemy. The etymology of the word “Karisma” “Charisma” comes from Greek “kharism” which means “Divine Gift”, and the same is the meaning of this word in Hindu “Karishma” - the blessing, the favor of God. Karisma sees herself as truly blessed by God, guided by ascended Masters and Angels, as well as the Divine Feminine, to create artworks filled with higher vibrational energy, and to be able to manifest Beauty, Love & Light into this world.
Karisma creates a unique style of her own, using oil, gold & silver leaf, Swarovski crystals as well as acrylic fluorescent paints. She also develops a fascination with the art of Ernst Fuchs, and determines to learn his mischtechnik, the technique used by old masters and almost lost today. She meets his student Laurence from whom she learns the technique and later meets the Master himself.
Karisma sees her Art not only as the means of the expression of her soul, but as a sacred mediumship for the Divine, the expression of eternal truths and manifestation of divine love. This is not just art, this is the sacred mission, or as she herself calls her work “Work of Heart”. She appreciates to be internationally collected by people of all walks of life from devotees to atheists; business executives and fellow artists; lightworkers and those on the path to the Light, she feels blessed to be able to have touched the hearts of many around the world. Her deep thanks also extend to all those who organized multiple shows in Georgia, Hungary, Russia, Austria, US as well as Brazil, as well as collectors of her art around the globe.

1990-1995 Higher School of Applied Art, Tbilisi Georgia
MA in Arts, Painting and Applied Art

2000-2002 Moscow University of Technology, PhD Sociology
Summer 2009 Mischtechnik from Ernst Fuchs, training by Lorence Cuarana, Ernst Fuchs Studio, Monte Carlo.

2010 “The Goddess Come Back”, Oskar Kokoschka Museum, Poechlarn, Austria
2009 “Karisma’s Show” Abadiania, Brazil
2008 “Karisma’s Show” Abadiania, Brazil
2007 “Purificacion” Mondsee, Austria
2007 – Group Exhibition „Eine Schaffung der getreulichen Kopien aus nirgendwo beigebrachten Originalen” , Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
2006 “Purificacion” Bank Austria, Linz, Austria
2003 Art Exhibition under Chamber of Commerce, Crestview, Florida
2002 “Unknown Artists” Art-Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
2001 “Mythical Feminine” Art-Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
2000 “Unknown Artists” Varkert Casino, Budapest, Hungary
1999 “Alchemica”, Varkert Casino, Budapest, Hungary
1997 Solo showing Gallery Avantgard Moscow, Russia
1996 Group Show “Gata-klism” Moscow
1990-1995 Number of Student exhibitions under State Academy of Arts


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