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Karin Frommann

Künstler (Malerei)
Geboren in 1964
My art is as multi-faceted as I am.

Creating art has been my passion my whole life – even though it had laid dormant for almost two decades. In those years my path led me in various directions: a master's degree in English and German followed by a career as a translator and graphic designer. It was only in 2008 that I returned to making art. Since then my passion for art grew continually, gradually turning into an independent artistic career.

This versatility in my professional life is also reflected in my artistic processes: I love to experiment, to play, to try out different materials and techniques. When I’m in my studio you can see me painting, gluing, printing, spraying, pouring, scratching, scraping… In general, the painting process starts with the intuitive, the spontaneous and the emotional: letting go, relinquishing control, embracing the imperfect, welcoming the accidental, allowing myself to be guided by what emerges – all the while drawing on my artistic know-how and experience.

What inspires my art is just as varied: sources of inspiration can be geomorphological structures, cave paintings from prehistoric times or microscopic photographs that distort what is depicted to such an extent that it is no longer recognisable. And sometimes it can be something as mundane as a walk through the garden.

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